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    Scottish News:

    • Zu den deutschen Webseiten
    • Change here to the German websites of this bilingual Scotland portal.
    • Impressum
    • Here you find informations about the webmaster.
    • Guest Book
    • Every webmaster is glad if a visitor signs his guest book but please don´t misuse it for unwanted and pure advertising - thank you!
    • Scotland FORUM
    • This Scotland Forum was created to be USED! Everybody who wants to write or give an answer to a contribution to a Scottish subject ist cordially welcome!
    • Newsletter SCOTLAND FOREVER
    • Everyone can subscribe to this free and richly illustrated HTML-newsletter about Scottish subjects.
    • You can join this extraordinary traffic exchange with tons of great advertising features and offers for free.
    • Scotland Quiz
    • Test your knowledge about Scotland! These 30 questions are rather difficult!
    • Clan News Page
    • If you are a member of a Scottish clan this page will be of particular interest for you. Clans are publishing their latest news there. And if you are the chieftain of your clan or a member in a higher position you are cordially invited to participate by joining and publishing your clan news there.
    • Daily updated Scotland News
    • On this page you can read the latest Scottish news online.
    • General informations
    • Here you get answers to questions like:
    • What is the purpose of this website?
    • Can I become a partner of "Mysterious Scotland"? and so on.

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    Scottish screensavers:

    • Scottish screensavers
    • Here you can choose from my frequently growing collection of Scottish screensavers. You can get them with or without animation, with or without bagpipe music and with or without the name of the shown place.

    The Scottish cuisine:

    • Scottish cooking recipes
    • Here you can find a lot of different Scottish cooking recipes for appetizers, meat, fish, game, vegetables, pudding, bread & cakes, jams and sweets. You are cordially invited to send me your favourite Scottish cooking recipe.

    The Scottish Whisky:

    • Scottish Whisky
    • Here you can find interesting details about the Scottish Single Malt Whisky - the production, the history and (almost) all of the Scottish distilleries!

    Scottish Travel:

    • 2 great Scotland tours for self drivers!
    • You drive your own or a hired car and can choose between a "Scottish Castle Tour" or a "Scottish Scenery Tour". We will book the accommodation of your choice for you. You can also hire a car through us.

    • Inexpensive golf vacations - WORLDWIDE!
    • Book your inexpensive golf vacations in Scotland or the rest of the world here!
    • Your enquiries will be answered promptly!
    • Hire a boat in Scotland
    • Crowblue let the dream of everyone come true who wants to make a wonderful house boat cruise on the Caledonian Canal between Loch Ness and Loch Lochy. For the duration of your cruise you get an official skipper's licence and can choose among several luxurious boats.
    • International Flightfinder
    • It doesn´t matter where on this earth you live and where you want to go. This flight search-engine offers you dozens of flights which you can book online immediately.
    • KLM Airways
    • Fly with KLM!

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    Hotels and Cottages:

    • Dalnaglar Castle Hotel & Cottages
    • Seminars, incentives, golf, walking, sight-seeing, hunts, weddings AND MUCH MORE! Spice your journey through bonny Scotland with a stay in a Scottish castle! We are too offering comfortable accommodation in our 4 Cottages! Big range of acitivity offers!
    • Kilronan House, Bridge of Allan
    • Kilronan House is a luxurious, castle-like guest-house situated just a few miles away from the Stirling city centre. Moreover you can reach Scotland´s two biggest cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow, within one hour by train. Kilronan House is also an excellent starting point to explore The Trossachs and Loch Lomond.
    • Book a hotel worldwide!
    • On this page is an international hotel search-engine with online booking form. It isn´t limited to Scotland. You can book hotels worldwide!

    • Cottages 4 u
    • Find your perfect cottage in Great Britain, Ireland and France and book it online here! All properties are inspected annually!

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    Scottish fashion:

    • 107 Scottish clans and their Tartans
    • Here you can learn more about Scottish clans, their tartans and their history.
    • Kilts, kilt packages and kilt accessories
    • This link leads you to one of the most recommended kiltmakers of Edinburgh.
    • You are very proud of your Scottish descent and what to show your pride in public? Or just want to attract attention with your made-to-measure kilt or trews in the tartan of your choice? Or even with your complete Scottish outfit including jacket, shirt, Ghillie Brogues, Sgian Dhu and kilt jewelry? - here your find really everything you need!
    • By the way, ladies and children too can wear a kilt! We are always ready to make lady´s and boy´s kilts too!
    • Scottish clothes made of 100% sheep wool
    • You need valuable and waether-proof clothes and got tired of wearing cheap synthetic materials? BORLAND FARM near Perth produces clothes made of pure sheep wool grown on the backs of the very rare Hebridean sheep.
    • Our assortment includes traditional and sportsman´s sweaters for Him and Her, waist-coats, knitted jackets, sleeveless pullovers, bonnets, gloves, scarfs AND A LOT MORE! Just come in and have a closer look!
    • Sporrans and belt buckles
    • KILBERRY of Edinburgh offers you hand-made sporrans and beautiful belts and belt buckles.
    • The Kilberry Sporran range covers day, semi formal and full evening wear. Nevertheless it can be worn without a kilt as a kind of very unusual hand bag too.

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    Typical Scottish gift ideas:

    • Gifts made of hade-made lead crystal glass
    • GALLOWAY GLASS is a glass manufacturer in Beeswing near Dumfries producing high-quality lead crystal products like different kinds of glasses, clocks, paperweights and much more. We are proud to can offer our customers not only a wrapping in fine Scottish tartan but also a free engraving of your choice on each sold item!
    • Celtic design jewelry
    • Welcome to our phantastic Celtic Design World!

    • CELTICATTIC has 140 different Celtic items in stock so please do some great window shopping!
    • Great gift ideas from the misty Isle of Skye!
    • CUILLIN MARBLES, Portree, Isle of Skye, welcomes you in our little island craftshop!

    • We offer unique hand-made jewelry from the well-known marbles of Skye and other great gift ideas made in Skye.
    • Scottish Heirloom Jewelry
    • Our Scottish jewelry is designed to last, not just for your lifetime but for the lifetimes of your descendants. This very tangible link ensures that your Scottish name and the memory of you will last for many generations. Every piece of Scottish Heirloom Company's jewelry is individually made to your order by our goldsmiths. Other jewelers engrave crests two dimensionally on a flat surface. We are unique in that, we sculpt the crests in three dimensions with the same level of detail as the Scottish Wall crests. This results in jewelry pieces of quite outstanding appearance and exquisite beauty.
    • BorderArt
    • This is an incredibly versatile gift page granting you a lifetime refund and 100% guarantee!
    • You can buy nearly everything that is typically Scottish!

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    Scottish literature:

    • Exciting short stories
    • ARE YOU READY for the most unusual and fascinating journey to an unknown Scotland you can ever make?

    • "Jack o´Lanterns above Scotland" is a great collection of incredibly absorbing and moving short stories available as paperback book or E-book at Amazon! It´s a mysterious and thrilling time journey beginning in the dark Middle Ages and ending in a far and black and frightening future.
      Breathless excitement and heavy emotions are GUARANTEED!
    • Scottish Clans and Tartans
    • is a Fascinating Look at the History of the Clans and Their Tartans!
    • Britain´s Best Bike Rides
    • 46 Great Trips for a Bicycle Trip in England, Scotland, and Wales

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    Precious oil & acrylum paintings:

    • Michele Sires-DeLorean's art gallery
    • Welcome to Michele's oil and acrylic paintings gallery!
      Did you have an unforgettable vacation this year and took some really great pictures? Or would you like to save the memory of your beloved pet in an unsual artistical way? YES? Then you are definitely in the right place! WELCOME to Michele's gallery!

    • Ellie MacLaughlin´s Highland Gallery
    • Wunderful, colourful acrylum paintings of picturesque Scottish landscapes painted by - as she is calling herself - genuine "Scottish Lassie". All paintings are for sale and come with a little easel!

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    Scottish music and music instruments:

    • I´m Neil Manderson, founder of Kilberry Bagpipes. I give you my personal guarantee that every kind of bagpipes (or accessory), drums and sporrans we supply should give 100% satisfaction. If you have the slightest concern, just let me know and I won't rest until you're happy. We take enormous pride in our hand made bagpipes and drums, and all our work, and we´d love to add you to our team! We too have CDs with Scottish bagpipe music in stock!

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    Typical Scottish Events:

    • Celebrate unforgettable feasts in an old Scottish castle!
    • Dalnaglar Castle Hotel is an exceptional venue for all kinds of events and celebrations, for example anniversaries, re-unions, meetings and corporate entertainment. Especially a wedding is a unique, once-in-a-life event and should be celebrated according to that. You can hardly find a better host for such great plans than Castle Hotel Huntly.
    • Hunting and skiing in Scotland
    • If you are interested to hunt in the grounds of Dalnaglar Castle or experience some wonderful downhills in the nearby skiing centre of Glenshee this link is the best for you. The prices for the trophies are one of the lowest in Great Britain and you can book one of the Cottages so that you can start your hunt or your skiing experience almost outside your door.

    • Visit the famous Braemar Gathering!
    • Don´t miss this 3-days trip to the world-famous Braemar Gathering (each year on first Saturday in September!). Included are two overnight stays in a noble Scottish castle hotel!
    • Important: Please scroll down to the chapter "Overnight Tours"!
    • All Highland Games dates for 2010
    • The Braemar Gathering maybe are the best known Highland Games - perhaps because of the relatively good chance to have a look on the British Queen and her family but there are a lot of other spectacular Highland Games throughout Scotland that are well worth a visit. A click on the link above will show you ALL dates of all Scottish Highland Games of this year together with email addresses and websites.
    • All major Scottish events 2010
    • As I got a lot of enquiries about major events taking place in Scotland this summer I collected as many of them as I could find. Nevertheless please note that this list isn´t complete. I´ll add further events so please come back from time to time to check for new ones.

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    Useful Links:

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